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Aili convenient after-sales service policy

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Thank you for choosing to use love Li Shun mobile phones, we will according to the relevant departments of the State on November 15, 2001 enacting provisionson the liability of the mobile phone repair, replacement and return of goods, implementation of a comprehensive after-sales services. If there are omissions or inconsistent with national policy and the national policy shall prevail!

Warranty details

1. from the date of sale within 7th machine host a country that's included in the mobile phone product performance fault table performance failures, consumers can choose to return, replacement or repair;

2. Since the sale date of the 8th to 30th day, machine host a country that's included in the mobile phone product performance fault table performance failures, consumers can choose a replacement or repair;

3. at the time of purchase, complete, true and fill out the warranty card and yourmobile phone to request effective purchase invoices for safekeeping;

4. the effective purchase invoices: invoice should be indicated on the body of thephone serial number (IMEI number down cell phone battery, phone a 15 digit number on the back), accessories (battery and charger, etc) the factory serial number (lot number), product model number, date of sale, sellers seal, the amount and so on;

5. valid warranty card and invoice are your "three guarantees" basic guarantees of rights and interests. (Valid warranty card and invoice: fill in the contents of the full, true and correct and not altered. ) Valid invoice and warranty card if lost, and could not provide a valid invoice and warranty card copy we will phone you purchased the 90th day after the date of manufacture as the start date, for your phone to provide a one-year free warranty service.

Warranty description and principle

1. your warranty only valid under normal use. All man-made damage and belongsto the mobile phone of one of the following three bags of goods does not, but can charge repair

A. beyond the warranty period;

B. damage caused by human factors, including non-use under normal working conditions, such as damage caused by not complying with the instructions to use;

C. users without teardown, self-maintenance, modification or non-maintenance ofUNPROFOR units of the company;

D. due to force majeure (such as floods, fires, earthquakes, lightning strikes, etc) cause damage;

E. no warranty card and a valid proof of purchase of the product, or product number, bar code does not match or is altered;

F. product wear (for example: housings, keyboards, displays, antennas, accessories, and so on);

G. the causes of failure, defect, or vice of the company;

H. warranty and barcode label (friable paste) is corrupted beyond recognition;

2. other:

A ... skin damage (abrasion, scratches, etc) will not enjoy a return service;

B. network, wireless information service providers (operators) cause of failure is not covered under warranty;

C. manufacturers of oral promises, beyond the principle of warranty under this card without providing services;

3. replacement products, you can go to our warranty replacement, when the replacement, the host has failed, replaced free of charge the company with the specifications, the same type host parts is faulty, the free replacement parts;

4. for products in need of repair, you can go to any one of our nationwide warranty network warranty repairs;

5. the inlet or seriously damaged machine maintenance, users are required to shun after-sales service centre made with love to delegate maintenance agreement signed;

6. all warranty change parts, spare parts and accessories owned by the company.


1. before you make the repaired machine, will be stored in the phone's first important information and phone number of the record and delete to prevent the lossor disclosure.

2. the customer fill out when the love Li Shun mobile phones repair acceptance form, please fill in according to the requirement and clearly legible and effective information (name, address, contact telephone number, symptoms, etc);

3. customer love Li Shun mobile phones repair machine with the accepted single users of the machine, if the customer lost "users", the customer shall hold identity cards or valid identification procedures to repair the loss, 7th desirable machine.

Statement of warranty

Parts name parts category warranty period
Main components of the host one year from the date of purchase
Accessories headphones three months from the date of purchase
Cell six months from the date of purchase
Cable three months from the date of purchase
Charger for three months from the date of purchase
Other housings, Pack Holster does not enjoy free warranty

This policy explains the right love Li Shun mobile technology co., Ltd. all.

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