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Responsibility Report

CSR philosophy
Core values: love
Lucky Star always corporate social responsibility as one of the strategic development objectives, with "love," core values-oriented firm fulfilling government responsibilities, shareholder responsibility, employee accountability, customer responsibilities, partner responsibilities based on responsibility, and responsibility to the community, environmental responsibility, charity and other extension responsibilities expand. Insist on positive corporate social responsibility as a world class enterprise important paths and rely on.

Core values: love, honesty
Basic responsibilities: government responsibilities, shareholders ' liability, employee liability, customer responsibilities, partner responsibilities
Epitaxial layers of responsibility: Community responsibility, environmental responsibility and charity

1. Government's responsibility
Services in national strategies, to become the industry leader; compliance compliance management, implementation and improvement of accountability mechanisms; paid taxes according to law, promoting employment; and the Government to engage in strategic cooperation, building bridges between the Government and the community; for enterprises ' Party building work.

2. the shareholder's liability
According to the modern enterprise system, and establish a sound corporate governance structure; in good faith-based, performance-core, complete system of strategic management, risk management, and effectively safeguard the interests of shareholders; do the market value of listed company management.

3. employee responsibilities
According to the different training needs and establish a variety of employee training system; building a personnel system and employee care system; the maintenance staff and the legitimate rights and interests, improve employee benefits.

4. customer responsibilities
Customer first, adhere to the principle of honesty and ensure product safety; establishing client management system, set up convenient, fast, smooth and effectivecommunication bridge; shaping Chinese world-class companies and world-class brands to target the brand system.

5. partner responsibilities
Promote the cooperation between banks and enterprises, strengthen strategic cooperation, intersectional cooperation, achieve industrial upgrading; striving to be the industry benchmark, leading the industry standard established industry regulatory reporting mechanisms on a regular basis.

6. Community responsibility
Realize localization of enterprise operations, supporting community education and learning; advocate dedication, love, mutual help, progress and harmony of thespirit of the times, through volunteers, organize public welfare activities through implementation of Community responsibility of foreign enterprises, promote social civilization and build a harmonious world.

7. environmental liability
Commitment to green development, to join public service; promoting pollution reduction and emission reduction, energy conservation; adhering to green procurement, building an e-procurement platform, building a green business.

8. charity
According to the lucky star education industry development, and education; establishing special funds to poverty to save trapped activities for domestic and worldwide, provided free health services; participation in disaster relief, reward good Samaritan Community action promoting the popularization of social morality.

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