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In China, economic development in recent years and do not provide for all social problems. Environmental pollution, vulnerable groups, natural disasters and other problems still exist, still expect the spontaneous forces of society to participate in. Since entering the new century, an increasing number of entrepreneurs involved in charity. Entrepreneurs of public participation is a means of redistribution of social wealth, is also the entrepreneur back to society and embody the value of corporate social responsibility and away. LuckyStar has been to create commercial civilization and its business value at the same time, aim to contribute to the community.In order to better participate in charity, as the responsibility of the community to do more, better reflect the luckystar of social responsibilities incorporated 2016 luckystar Foundation, used to feed the social charity, for the public to lay a solid foundation for promoting social progress.Luckystar is convinced that business and society are indepedent, mutually beneficial community. In the rapid development of the national economy, Luckystar play a role for development, and the economic and social situation is also promoting the Development of Luckystar. A balanced and stable society is conducive to the development of enterprises, and enterprises have a duty to maintai social stability and balance. Therefore, Luckystar always involved in social welfare and over the years Luckystar company has committed to the "hope project", "Educational Foundation" and "earthquake relief", "social poverty reduction" and other good causes. Positive donations 2009 sponsorship raised teachers teaching, caring for left-behind children, donated grants with a total of more than 2 million Yuan.

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