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Tablet computer cannot connect computer, is to download the driver?

Shenzhen City auspicious Star Technology Co., Ltd. Date:2016-03-24 Views:92

TabletPCconnectcomputerdriverinstallationisnotrequired to transferfiles,ifnoconnectiontheremaybeseveralreasons:

1, the computerdoes notappearon a removabledisk, you need to clickon the lowerrightcornerof the USB connectionon a flat,and thenselectturn on massstorage;

2,datalinefailureincustomerconditionsproposalforadatacable to try;

3,computerUSB interfaceproblemof an aging,recommendedreplacing the computerinterfaceor to change the computer to try.

If you want to connect to computer to upgrade the firmware,pleasecontactloveLiShun's officialcustomer serviceinstructionsdriversoftwareinstallation.

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