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Wonders of Shenzhen smart-Smart cars equipped

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There is no doubt thatsmartcarhasbecome the autoindustry'slatesttechnologyintelematicsareas.Childhoodscience-fictioncooluniversalsupercarsmartcarhasnowenteredtheus,ifyoudon'tknowaboutsmartcar,followJi XiangxinglookbelowwondersofShenzhensmart-Smartcarsequipped

  1,intelligentcarmustbecombinedwithnewenergy,there are trends in Internetdevelopment. From its own definition, a smart car is a four-wheeled computer, is not a simple computer, there are more than 30,000 parts, and is also an abstract feeling. Smart cars that distinguish traditional car in many ways, defined the product ag

  2,smartnavigationfeatures:justtosay that destination,carwheel,youjust have to sleepon the line;intelligentenvironmentfunction:justsay whatyouwantatmosphere,autosettings,mindyou.

  3,automobilerefueling,charges,insurance,repairs,maintenance,costs, and otherrelatedservicesthroughintelligentnetworking,willhave a corevaluechain,redefinetheuse value of thecar. For example, charging through the TOU price in the future, maintenance can be carried out online, users do not have the 4S shops, insurance quotes can distinguish, means that the car will bring great value to the us

  4,smartcarswillbedisruptiveonuserexperience,somemay beachieved a 40-inchscreen, and evenvoiceinteractionfeatures, the futurewillalsobepupil-filmrecognition,gesturerecognition,alcoholsensorsfunction,equivalent to the caritselfhasamoresensitiveandtouch. On the drive, smart car smart on the road identification, equivalent to interact with the body and extend. Through data mining, also allows different owners from the preferences, find common ground on the wa

  5,smartcarsinneedfordriverlesscars,driverlesscars is the biggestfeatureis the ability to activesafety. If too close to vehicles in front, commanding loose throttle, brake starting effective immediately slowed down. No dangerous reaction speed, in the General case, machine speed can be up to 40 milliseconds, also the fastest man to 500 mi

  In addition,unmannedvehicletechnologycoversthedriver's identificationtechnology,auxiliaryparking,car-andcrash-proofdeflectiontechnology. For example, the owner identification technology significantly reducing vehicle theft risk, making the car a possible loss ba

  Ji Xiangxingbelieves thatsmartcarenhancestheinteraction of people and vehicles,vehicle to vehiclecommunicationandsecuritycontrol,andsmartcarswillchange the currenttrafficinfrastructure,influence the developmentofmotortransport-relatedindustries,isanothermilestone in technology!

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