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2015,taken for granted by people in the industry known as "intelligenthome the first year".+Innational macro-policy advocacy to the Internet bandwagon,smarthome has become a focus of attention in the industry.

Aftera few years of development,now any developments in smarthome,what innovation will bring about in the future?this article for everyone to focus on: 2016 analysis smarthome-luckystar

  First,thebasicconcept of smarthome:

  Smart homes are residential platforms,use cabling technology, network communication technology,security technology,automatic control technology,audio and video technology integrates homelife related facilities,construction of housing facilities and home schedule management system to enhance home safety,convenience,comfort,art and living environment to achieve environmental protection and energy saving.

  Second,the basic function of smarthome:

  Intelligent home through real networking technology will home in the of various equipment (as sound video equipment, and lighting system, and curtains control, and air conditioning control, and security system, and digital theater system, and audio server, and shadow cabinet system, and network appliances,) connection to with, provides appliances control, and lighting control, and phone remote control, and indoor outside remote control, and anti-theft alarm, and environment monitoring, and warm pass control, and infrared forward and can programming timing control, variety function and means.

SmartHome service providers

  Third, the performance advantages of the smarthome:

  Compared with the ordinary household,living functions of the smart home not onlyhas the blend of architecture,network communication,information home appliances,automation equipment,providing a full range of informationin teractive features,even for a variety of energy cost savings.

  Four,smart home what products are included?

  Intelligent Home including network access system, and anti-theft alarm system, and fire alarm system, and TV on told door area system, and gas leaked detection system, and remote copy table (meter, and meters, and gas meter) system, and emergency help system, and remote medical diagnosis and the nursing system, and indoor electrical control management and the development system, and concentrated for hot and cold system, and online shopping system, and wisdom pension solution programme, and online education system, and stock operating system, and video VOD, and paid TV system, and wired TV system and so on, New term becomes part of intelligent ho

  Four relationships,smart home and intelligent home solution:

  Smart homes can be a single product,can also be a smart home system solutions. Smart home solution is based on a traditional home, joint control home automation ha

  For example,plaincurtains if you install motortracks can hostremote controlled curtains closed. On this level, can be said to focus on control of intelligent home. Smart home products of higher technology content, from the technical stand, people have good ideas, good concept, is one step ahead. But it's worth noting that smart home is the two parts move forward together, the emphasis is on integrated solutions. Single smart home on a single product, no matter how big, eventually gave the experience is limited, only items, and traditional home appliances together achieving intelligent, that can really change a person's li

  Five,smart homeis currently indevelopmentat home and abroad of the status quo:

  1.externaldevelopments in smarthome

  1984since the world'sfirstintelligentbuildingin the United Statesafter the United States, and Canada,Europe,Australia andSoutheast Asian countries with moredevelopedeconomieshaveproposedavariety ofsmarthomesolution. Smart homes in the United States, and Germany, and Singapore, and Japan and other countries have widely ap

  2.domestic developments in smart home

  Intelligent home in China after almost 12years of development,from the first dream,real come into our lives to this day,has gone through a difficult process. Smart Home development in China through four stages, namely bud/intelligence community, creating fusion evolution stage, wandering stage, pe

  After several years of development,now the smarthome market is more and more popular,the Giants have the layout,new,innovative enterprises, such astherise of armies,hasintroduced a variety of smart home solutions, a variety of intelligent hardware, and we are now smart has penetrated into every product in our daily life.


  1.smarthometeamwillcontinue to grow

  With the progress of society, the Internet of things and the continuous development of new technologies such as cloud computing,big data,there will be more and more enterprises into the smart home camp, there will be more communication and more comfortable smart devices,intelligent household industry will change more. Technology continues to improve, the market continues to mature, what kind of performance is more stable and reliable communications technology? what kind of smart device more popular? can bring real convenience for users, will be tested by the market, Ibelieve the future smart homes will come into the homes of ordinary pe

  2.residential family becomes the focus of industry compete for market

  In 2016,will be extremely fast intelligent house hold industry development,butis also less knowable a year,the residential family becomes the focus of industry compete formarkets,inclusive smart home as a platform to undertake a first objective of. Who can win, we can make various analyses, but final results may only know when to. But no matter how developed, the stage will be born in China several tens of billions of Yuan in annual sales of smart home en

  3. the focal point, and promoting the development of intelligent home control system

  As a corepartof the intelligent home and intelligent home control system has become increasingly important. Home intelligent control of development and construction is the inevitable trend of the future, economic development of the co

  Smart home is moving in the direction of networking,information and intelligence development of intelligent house hold industry vendors will have rare opportunities for development.

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