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With the development of the Internet age,people requiremore of the high flexibility of function,comfort and unique experience,disruptive innovations,and personalized,differentiation,healthy and environmentally-friendly products are the most popular.Againt his back drop,wisdom family came into being,and corresponding set of smart home solutions is also the birth,this major with you about luckystar today,smart home solutions

  Wisdom family is a across territories of according to user service needs innovation defined of service products integration system, across territories field including intelligent appliances, and wisdom entertainment, and intelligent home, and wisdom security, and wisdom medical, and intelligent energy, and wisdom health, part, innovation of service needs including wisdom air, and wisdom water management, and wisdom food processing and distribution, and mood lights and music, and homes beauty, and wisdom education and children growth, people directly perception of innovation sex products.

  Familyis the biggestvalue of wisdom,usingInternettopushdataservicesinto the home,whichdiffers from the Internetistopushpersonalinformationmodel. Wisdom industrial elements of the integration of the family very much, including cloud, home entertainment, home control, security, energy, automation, remote education and medical wisdom. Different areas across borders or generate new products and services, and the upgrade of this service is the key to promoting family development of wi

  In the smart home solutions,Shenzhen luckystar Technology Co.,ltd develops intelligent home solutions is a technology leader in the country.

  LuckyStar home solutions family--wisdom of wisdom health

management platform

  This paragraph wisdom medical flat is a family health management platform, external blood pressure, and blood sugar, and blood oxygen, and heart electric, and temperature, six a detection instrument, easy user home for health since check, has full fool operation, and test process voice tips, features, signs exception data real-time push sent, reminded user relatives, and physician concern; while will original data upload server, formed user health data archives, permanent save, easy doctor and relatives at any time query. When these medical institutions on data and services platform, you'll have professional doctors provide health guidance for users. Also, this product also supports mobile data sy

  Whatis a "familywisdom"?
  Stockwas bornineveryday lifewhat a newintelligentequipment

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