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What is a "family wisdom"?

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You mention "family wisdom" of the word,I believe many people have the impression, the feeling is very high tech,smart things,but what many people do not know,smart home solutions suppliers of luckystar today to tell you what is"family wisdom"?

  First,"wise families"back ground of the birth:
  "Wisdom"that is in the digital,networked,information,background,family life's basic way of life. It's not just a small number of high earners "luxury",it should not be confined to a small group of technology enthusiasts "tech toys".Instead, it must be integrated into the daily lives of every ordinary family, like sunlight, air and water as indispensable to daily life for ev

  Second, the "wise families"of significance:
  Family is familyas the carrier of wisdom,the affection among family members as a link,a new generation of comprehensive  utilization of information technology to create more efficient,comfortable,safe and convenient personalized home life. By providing a more intimate, informative and convenient free service, allowing people of family life can be more free to enjoy through more trans-free to join, to voluntarily experience, family life can be more caring of the pe

  Third, the "wise families"use case:
  In abroad science fiction tablets in the of scene, has can became reality, as home Hou hot on has burn good, home zhiqian air conditioning or heating has open good, rice has automatically Cook good, can at any time understand refrigerator inside has what dish, rain also will automatically shut Windows, also can at any time monitoring home of situation, read home data center of various data, as we of life quality on will again upgrade a steps. It can be said that "family wisdom" is for us to achieve this aspiration. Wisdom family covers awide range, besides the usual appliances, a also includes lighting, surveillance, three meter, water heating, and even switched ou

  Now everyone should know what is "wisdom family" has's, last we to summary about, in big explosion times Subversion became normal, change became must, created user best life experience is each wisdom family solution programme suppliers of core target, let more family user enjoy intelligent with to life of change, is auspicious star of core mission! let we with, for better of achieved wisdom life and efforts's!

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