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Stock was born in everyday life what a new intelligent equipment

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Intelligentequipmentcan besaid to be the lastoneor two years digitaltechnology'shottesttopics,currentdevelopmenttrends,intelligentproductalwaysbringsussomethingdifferent to experience,an endless streamofintelligentequipmenton the markettoday,ShenzhenluckystarSeriesintelligentequipmentsupplierstocheckineveryday lifegives birth to whatintelligentequipment:
  Compared to sportsAPP,smartbracelet's greateststrengthisinmotion, you cannolongercarry a cell phone. Consumers will have the experience of running experience, while running while holding a cell phone is not easy, even when wearing a special arm mobile phone package is not so co
  Now,more andmoresmartbracelet,record the runningtime,distance,speed,GPS positioning, and morefeaturehasbecomestandard. Even high-end also recorded the daily life of walking distance, calorie consumption, many more both sleep monitoring role. Sport many bracelet brands currently on the market, such as lucky star, and so on, is different in appearance, believe can always find one to suit yo
  Pet-dedicatedsmartdress,tocareandtomake friends. Device is aloop, you can do the collar on. Like most other pet equipment market, pet wear can also record your dog's activity history, tracing their health data, and can also prevent lost. These data, in addition to using mobile applications to see to help dog owners learn to work at home doing what, and data re
  But the specialis that,based onpetwearrings,canalsoformasocial networkingplatform. Because of the ring there is a wireless sensor, can perceive the same equipment, and communications with the phone, so the owner can view around your pet's information through a mobile application, looking for her dog who may be of in
  A new generationofintelligentandnot justturn the oven on the ovenwithtouchscreenandoperating systemallowsittoroastthingssurfing. In addition to the five-inch (12.7 cm) touch screen, a smart oven using Visual computing power, combined with the included cameras and other sensors, so it can detect the ingredients and automatically adjusts the temperature and cooking time, cookies, cakes, bread, lobster, steak, and more, smart oven can they dish ou
The smartoven
  4、equipments of intellectualEndowment
  More parameter health check instrument is a set information and check Yu one of portable medical Terminal, integrated of check function including ECG, and no create blood pressure, and blood sugar, and blood oxygen saturated degrees, and temperature, and heart rate, and pulse rate, multifunctional, equipment lightweight portable, is to low cost, and multifunctional, and high-tech integrated of integrated detection equipment, applies Yu personal, and family, and village health room, and community health service center (station), and township hospitals, grass-roots medical health institutions.
  Equipment system within integrated based health survey assessment, and health detection, and remote health management, and family guardianship, and global positioning, and SOS for help, and life service, and family entertainment, several big module, can in equipment Shang completed including health archives, and public health universal, and chronic diseases management control, service project, monitoring integrated physiological index, real-time synchronization records displayed ECG, and blood pressure, and blood sugar, and blood oxygen saturated degrees, and temperature, and heart rate, and pulse rate, changes and mutual relationship, then can integrated judge out physiological, and pathology situation.
  On the intelligentequipment,farabove,manymanufacturersaretrying a variety ofeveryday objects intelligent and,therefore,does notToalsobebornsmartdevicemanysimilarities in funny,luckystar,focus on intelligentlife,willing to workwitheveryone to explorenewsmartfantasyworld!

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