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Luckystar exhibition news of 2016 Hong Kong China Sourcing electronics fair

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Domestic manufacturers Lucksytar's booth

aoson is the famous Tablet manufacturers,which also participated in the exhibition, the Hong Kong Electronicsfair.ZOL in the exhibition was on display in front of reporters found that the companies not only use quad-core processor tablets also launched a6.4-inch mobile tablet for the first time.

Aoson M33QTablet PC related configuration(click to enlarge)

M33Q Tabletbody
Configuration M33Q tablets on display using the rockchip RK3188 quad-core processors,1.6GHz clock speed of the processor,and match the screen resolution for the 2048x1536the9.7inch screen Retina,this product is equipped with a 2GB DDR3 memory and 16GB storage capacity,operating system for Android 4.2.

LoveLiShunG62 phoneTablet

G62 tablet pc

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