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Lucky Star technology support intelligent life advocates 2016 Shenzhen fashion week

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2016Shenzhenfashionweekcome to an endin the near future.8-dayShenzhenfashionweekattractedmore thanmore than 100 domestic and foreignmediaandfashionmediatrackingreports,attention, up to60millionpassengers. Intelligentlifeadvocate,Shenzhen, ShenzhenluckystarTechnologyCorporationfor2016fashionweek to help out,healthequipment, for the wisdom of itssmartTabletandsmartwearsparklingappearance.

2016Shenzhenfashionweekpress conference
Shenzhenluckystarscience and technologycompany limitedwas establishedin2004,isadesign,research and development,productionandsalesofmobileintelligentTerminalmanufacturingbase,productsincludesmarttablet,Smartphone,smartwear,healthequipment, for the wisdom and intelligentspecialequipmenttobecome the world's bestproviderofintelligentlifesolutions.


Advocate for intelligentlife,luckystar
Within the industryfor many yearsintensiveexperienceandstrongtechnicalstrength,luckystarhasquicklycut into the field of wisdomhealthcurrentlyistobuild the firsthealthcarespecialtablet of wisdom.Thewisdom of medicaltabletwillassistpatients withmedicalprofessionals to collectinformation,toprovidepatients with better,moreefficientmedicalservices.



Reportedly, this paragraph wisdom medical flat is a family health management platform, external blood pressure, and blood sugar, and blood oxygen, and heart electric, and temperature, six a detection instrument, easy user home for health since check, has full fool operation, and test process voice tips, features, signs exception data real-time push sent, reminded user relatives, and physician concern; while will original data upload server, formed user health data archives, permanent save, easy doctor and relatives at any time query. Whenthesemedicalinstitutionsondataandservicesplatform,you'llhaveprofessionaldoctorsprovidehealthguidanceforusers.Also,thisproductalsosupportsmobiledatasynchronization.


LuckystarsaidWu Jianxiong, Chairman,for a long time,domesticsizedcitiesat all levelstherearelimitedmedicalresourcesandshortageofhigh qualitymedicalservices. Auspicious star launched of "wisdom family health management platform", not only provides health since check of service, can achieved for chronic diseases patients of early prevention and the intervention, while which of wisdom health service platform also to hospital for entrance, integration hospital and the physician resources, through medical line Xia service, while based through real networking health equipment, will online asked medical, and personal health archives management, the function set Yu one, its "Internet + medical" of new business form will for family health and pension brings new of turn.

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