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Beginning dream across lucky star technology starts today

Shenzhen City auspicious Star Technology Co., Ltd. Date:2016-04-06 Views:57

Welcoming the new yearwishes,withanticipationof the new year,on February 15, 2016, the lunarmonth,ShenzhenluckystarTechnologyCorporationofficiallystarted.


Lion dance celebrating the new year,Godgive a red envelope,luckystar for eachyeartheceremonyespeciallysolemnandfestive.8:18A.M., luckystardrums,liondance,companyChairmanWu Jianxiong,companyleadersattended the ceremonyandofferedfor a lion"plucking the green"lettuceandauspiciousstarmonkeybusiness.Meanwhile, the companyalsofor the returnofindividualmembers to start a red envelope, and wish the familypeace and joy of the new yearof the luckystar, with moneyrolling in.


Subsequently, the companyChairmanWu Jianxiong,General ManagerHong Kunratecompanyleadership teammemberssay happy new yeartoalldepartments,workshop,bonuses,talkwitheveryemployee and shook hands,thanked the hard working staff of the year,andencouragedeveryoneto build,nocomplacency,noslack,norelax,intocombatas soon as possiblein2016 and achieve a newleap forward.


14:18P.M., luckystartechnologystaffgathered and opened2016Lunar New Yeargreetings.All membershappy,smile-theblessingfor the companyandluckystarfamilysentout at thesame time,havesaid they wouldnottrustandhigh expectations in 2016, byleaps and bounds and makenewcontributionto thecompany.

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