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Incentive awards

Salary components: basic salary, merit pay, other allowance and bonus.

1) The basic salary is decided by employees' actual working ability, the complexity and technical content of work in the company.

2) Merit pay is decided by the company's appraisal results for the staff.

3) Salary adjustment: become formal employee, rise in rank, promotion, special awards, demoted in rank.

Wage system:

1) Wage structure system: Be suitable for the grass-roots management personnel, production and technical personnel, functional official, rear service administrators. Total wages = basic salary + performance salary + bonus + various subsidies.

2) Fixed wage: Be suitable for the logistics service personnel which the workload is easy to measure.

3) Hourly wage: Be suitable for the operators which the workload is not stable. Total wages=basic salary+ performance salary + bonus + various subsidies.

Salary and welfare:

A. The New staff's salary will be raised according to the position when he/she passes the probationary period.    

B. Offering the promotion and a raise when the annual appraisal reaches "excellent".

C. The salaries will be downgraded when the annual appraisal is under qualified, and offer official written notice.

D. The salary will be raised when the promotion posts after the probation period, and passes the examination by the direct supervisor and HR department.

E. Special reward for a raise after approved by the general manager when there is significant contributions to the company.


A. We provide first-class salary, benefits for the worker,and also provide broad space for development.

B. The outstanding person can not only obtain generous bonuses, but also can obtain overseas work, study and travel opportunities;

C.  Legal holiday: All staff will have the following 11 days paid vacation every year:

1)  New Year's Day

2)  Chinese New Year

3)  Labor Day

4)  Tomb-sweeping Day

5)  Dragon Boat Festival

6)  Mid-autumn Festival

7)  National Day

A. The workers have marriage leave, funeral leave, maternity leave, and other paid vacation according to the provisions of the state, specific content pls checkVacation Management System.

B. Company arranges the worker to participate in a variety of training education: training, outsourcing, outdoor development training, inspection, etc.

C. Company pays for worker with endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, inductrial injury accident insurance, commercial insurance, etc.

D. The company will organize a comprehensive physical examination for the worker every year.

E. Company outfits mobile phone for staff if needed, and offer a certain amount of allowance of communication.

F. Company sets up the enterprise club. We will hold birthday party for staff and offer birthday gift. In the festival, company will offer gifts for employees, too. Also, we will organize various cultural and sports, social activities, organization tourism activities and large variety show every year.


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