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Overseas Sales Specialist

Role & Responsibilities

1.Use company’s platform( Global Resource etc ) or other ways to promote products.Communicate with potential clients via Email,MSN,Trademanager,etc.Follow up inquiries effectively to push forward order;

2.Keep a good relationship with old clients and develop new overseas market;

3.Responsible for business negotiation and assist client to complete the project payment;

4.Report to the leader about the business information and market trend;

5.Assist in the after-sale service.


1.CET4 or above,proficient at English listening and speaking,can communicate with clients through phone and email fluently.

1.One year or above export working experience,consumer electronic and exhibition experience candidate preferred;

2.Familiar with all the export process,knowing the foreign trade contract signed notes and risk prevention&control method;

Have good communication, coordination and execution ability, hardworking, quick and sensitive, with strong sense of responsibility.

Software Engineer


1.Responsible for the overall design, interface design, module design and software programming and debugging of the product software;

2.Responsible for system function testing and field testing of product software;

3.Proficient in standard C, standard C++ language, familiar with Android Software Architecture;

4.Familiar with the Android operating system application software development process, with strong coordination&communication skills;

5.Responsible for building software testing environment and platform to meet the test requirements;

6.Responsible for knowing customer needs, follow up the solution company's software development plan;

7.Finish other temporary work assigned by superior.


1.Bachelor degree or above, computer, communications, electronics and other related major is preferred;

2.Over three years of mobile phone, tablet and other related work experience;

3.Proficient in standard C, standard C++ language, familiar with Android Software Architecture;

4.Familiar with the application of Android operating system software development process;

5.Proficient in electronic application software, familiar with office software (such as: word, Excel, PowerPoint etc); 6.With Rigorous and meticulous work attitude, study spirit; team work spirit.

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