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Multi-parameter health check system

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More parameter health check instrument is a set information and check Yu one of portable wisdom health medical Terminal, integrated of check function including ECG, and no create blood pressure, and blood sugar, and blood oxygen saturated degrees, and temperature, and heart rate, and pulse rate, multifunctional, equipment lightweight portable, is to low cost, and multifunctional, and high-tech integrated of integrated detection equipment, applies Yu personal, and family, and village health room, and community health service center (station), and township hospitals, grass-roots medical health institutions.
Equipment system within integrated based health survey assessment, and health detection, and remote health management, and family guardianship, and global positioning, and SOS for help, and life service, and family entertainment, several big module, can in equipment Shang completed including health archives, and public health universal, and chronic diseases management control, service project, monitoring integrated physiological index, real-time synchronization records displayed ECG, and blood pressure, and blood sugar, and blood oxygen saturated degrees, and temperature, and heart rate, and pulse rate, changes and mutual relationship, then can integrated judge out physiological, and pathology situation. Throughthe connection of local primary health care information system, primary health care information management can be achieved.
Built on the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, concern number one,based on realized the diagnosis, treatment and care of the Trinity tracking mode to facilitate personal, real-time dynamic control of doctor to patient health, timelyand appropriate disposal. By getting involved in advance, automatically determinethe long term comparison of EHR standards realized patients, guardian, the effective interaction and real-time tracking, reduce the risk of the patient's doctor.

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