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The elderly call system

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Lucky Star at home management system


Depending on the community, intelligence service platform to support, intelligentTerminal and line as a link to integrate community service facilities, professional services and community resources, focus on building "calling relief, home care, health services, file management" network-centric smart aging at home, offers comprehensive services for the elderly, building intelligence service mode.
"Systems + services + social + Terminal", a platform to play on old-age service technical support, the other is the role playing platform for integration of service resources.
Through the hotline, in green bridge between older persons and service providers, homes for the elderly can enjoy the home economics, health, emergency assistance, legal rights, care and other safe and convenient, affordable and professionalservices, to create a nursing home without walls.

Old electronic archive
A detailed record of the elderly and their children or guardians information, including health information, contact information, medical information, housing information, so the elderly at a glance. Support import/export templates.

The old key for help
Calling through a smart docking system equipment, when the emergency needs of the elderly for help, in the room or outdoor pendant for the elderly can be called or phone SOS button, help requests to the platform, the Service Center staff willpromptly receive an SOS message and POPs the corresponding information for the elderly, give guidance and contact relevant people give timely rescue and hospital.

Old location
Navigate through the old cards, mobile phones, smart watches multiple forms ofreal-time location location for the elderly, activities can be made, time out, children are not around the location information for the elderly and children, close companionship, keep in touch.

Health care management
Grasp the health status of the elderly, health indicators when an exception occurs,the platform may inform the relevant personnel to undergo a medical examination and other related services for the elderly, it fully NIP. Health information stored in old archives, follows the old man's life, may at any time view the call. Medicationreminders, proactive care.

Elderly assisted living
Platform support integration with other systems, manufacturers introduced better service system platform based on the actual needs of the elderly, increasing family calls, supporting domestic services, community distribution, make an appointment, come see and other public services.

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