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Safe real estate investment and construction of the Hyatt project located in the South-Chinese family pension settlements, that is, to Trinity's age old-age community as the core, creating more demand for Chinese family community. Lucky Star is responsible for Hyatt South of intelligent engineering, coupled with professionalservice personnel and management team, creating a "food, medicine, shelter, ofworship, learning and music" six service system, to build advanced pension and health concept.
Intelligence pension system for the elderly community, modern family, community,property and the surrounding business needs, making full use of Internet technology, cloud server technology, Internet integrated services combining a communityplatform, with all kinds of intelligent terminals for the carrier, combined with smarthome applications, groups of older persons launched a community-oriented integrated application platform.

Security Habitat:
Community residents, especially the elderly, children and other special groups ofsecurity, scheduling first aid, facilitation services, and family
Safety protection needs, to build a safe Habitat of living conditions has laid a solid foundation.

Harmonious family
Property by means of mobile information technology to interact with residents, property announcements issued to residents, reminder, and customized by inhabitants of the community of information, community information, combined propertyservices works closely with residents, so as to achieve the purpose of building harmonic family.

Based on community residents for basic necessities, home economics, health care, education, entertainment, and a full range of information needs and convenientlife, quality requirements, by O2O, residents can enjoy the convenient life.

Second, the system:
Security: the intelligent security equipment, all-round protection of the physical security of the elderly.
Intelligent control: intelligent home devices, smooth flow of the elderly living at home.
Community service: community service and service guide for the elderly, community group, coupon downloads, scheduled appointments, residents of basic necessities such as rental information

1, safety and protection:
SOS:SOS emergency alarm function
Identity: the identity function of elderly home
Gas leak: gas leak alarm and automatically turn off the gas valve function
Video surveillance: video monitoring, able to observe the activities of the elderly at home.

Smart devices and features:
Phone Dialer alarm: emergency situations, press the middle of the SOS emergency button, you can automatically dial the preset alarm phone
Smart door lock: the old man went home, fingerprint lock, families could receive the information has gone home for the elderly in the mobile client.
Gas alarm: when it encounters a gas leak, gas alarm linkage dialling alarms offerpreset alarm call, or you can automatically turn off gas valve
Camera: through the mobile client, you can view the operations and security of the elderly at home at any time.

2, smart control:
Light control: convenient, Panel, or mobile client can easily turn on the lights
Curtain control: intelligent controller or the remote control can automatically openor close the curtain curtains
Night lights: the old man at night when the night lights of the corridors and toiletsand automatically opens
Smart thermostat: when the room temperature reaches the preset value, you canautomatically turn on the air conditioning regulating indoor temperatures

Smart devices and features

Smart switches and Panel:
Easy switch lamp function, as in the scene Panel bed or reach contact local;
Curtain motor, curtain remote control curtain controller:
Hands touch the curtain controller or remote control, you can easily open or close the curtain;
Human detector, smart switches, automatic sensor light:
Detection can automatically open when you walk into the hallway sensors, humandetection to detect when someone, or linked switch panel to automatically turn on the lights;
Temperature and humidity sensors, infrared Repeater:
When the room reaches a certain temperature or humidity, linkage can turn on the air conditioning to regulate indoor temperature or humidity.

3, community service systems
Community service system is designed for the convenience of the elderly living onthe main community of CCP O2O services, elderly laboratory host, you can easily realize online orders, merchants home service features: door cut, send food home,home delivery, daily home. Daily life for the elderly offer great convenience.

Third, the system features:
Community system based on a strong function, using a variety of means of information, through the most simple operation, services a wide range of community residents.
User group wide services both residents, aimed at the elderly, children and otherspecial groups to provide better service.
Diversity: support for mobile and indoor control operations.
Powerful: meet your normal lives, emergencies and other situations demanding
Operation is simple: just push a button, to help realize intelligent effect

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