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In March 1999, Shenzhen luckystar  digital technology  limited  was established;

September 2004,Shenzhen  Chaoming industrial limited  was established;

In July 2005 through the ISO9001 quality system certification;

Completed in September 2005 for the first time 'equity financing and ownership structure of luckystar laid the Foundation;

July 2006 ROHS certification;

Navigation was established in March 2007 research and Development Center, and China navigation market Awards;

In June 2007 through ISO14001 quality system certification;

In May 2008, Shenzhen high-tech enterprise certification;

In July 2009, Shenzhensoftwareenterprisecertification;

In December 2009, State-levelhigh-techenterprise;

April 2010 through the TS16949 quality system certification;

In June 2010, international and domestic market first ARM-based tablets;

March 2011 with an internationally renowned brand Archos, Ben Qand View Sonic sign strategic partnership;

August 2011 in the international first IPS large size flat-panel products;

May 2013 super bright industries limited company owned by the Shenzhen longhua as"longhua 50 companies";

Held in September 2010 love LiShun brand second nation wide agents;

December 2013 superb right industries limited company named Shenzhen subsidiary company records;

January 2014' Aoson brand was named Shenzhen famous brand;

April 2015, 2011-2015 for 5 years to obtain"good faith demonstration enterprise of Guangdong Province";

Shenzhen longhua October 2015 was named "2014 longhua independent innovation top 100", the Shenzhen longhua October 2015 was named "2014 longhua industry top 100";

October 2015 the company officially changed its name to Shenzhen luckystar  technology  co., Ltd.To advocate for intelligent home system solutions.

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